Jane Eyre Manga Review

Another literary classic retold in manga form, this time we’re eyeing up social class, equality and crazy shit. Jane Eyre, for those of you unaware, is set in ye olde England in the late 1700’s to early 1800’s written by Charlotte Bronte. You may also have heard of her sister Emily Bronte who wrote the other classic story Wuthering Heights, clearly dark broody men were a favourite among sisters. It is a really good book that was quite forward for its time in the themes it wanted to bring to light, much like Austen, it focuses particularly on women of this time and what power or lack of power they had over their own lives as well as religion and wealth.


Jane Eyre the sassiest shy girl.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency

Another year and another Jojo, I watched this while still caught in the sparkling fabulousness of the last Jojo. I knew the series continued with other characters from the family tree and to be honest I wasn’t really that excited for it as generally you get attached to one family member above the rest and have nothing but scorn when you’re forced to watch their subsequent spawn flail around. Thankfully this wasn’t the case in Battle Tendency as I can safely say Joseph Joestar is not very like Jonathan at all which really is his strength. Also if you thought Dio was outrageous just wait till you see the Pillar men…


Can they make lights like that appear wherever they go?

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood Review

Well here we are, at the anime that might have spawned the most memes ever. I’ll admit I had always side eyed Jojo for this reason. Crazy poses, beefy Mcbeef men and really weird people gushing to me about it was enough for me to ignore it for this long. It was only when I was looking at character design for a mafia project that I came across one of the later arcs in the series and I have to admit I was impressed! The designs are pretty and well thought out as well as being unique and different, I mean it’s totally nuts but that’s what I like about it.

So what the hell is it about? The overall story follows one family line, the Joestars, and their literal bizarre adventure. Each arc has its own enemy and weirdness as well as a different protagonist although old ones also make an appearance. But that’s enough of overall JoJo, what about Phantom Blood? Phantom Blood is where it all begins and follows the story of Jonathan Joestar (nicknamed Jojo hurdur) and how his father makes terrible life choices in desperate situations.


Oh hello creepy man totally not trying to rob me while I lie here nearly dying!

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Mermaid Forest OVA Review

I find that there isn’t enough media depicting evil mermaids these days. I mean typically mermaids were very unhelpful and encountering one usually meant death, the few stories that showed them in a positive wish giving kind of way tended to be a tragic romance or end horribly. I have rarely found media that depicts them as both beautiful and deadly, generally preferring if they’re horrible to make them look horrible as well so no hot, sexy and potentially damning feelings occur. But most (especially anime) just depict them as attractive women with fish tails helping our protagonist on the underwater part of their adventure.

Well in storms The Mermaid Forest (an odd title as I imagine most mermaids take residence in the sea) which is actually an OVA for a series called The Mermaid Saga. It was written back in the 80’s by the lovely Rumiko Takahashi whose notable works include Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2 and boy can you feel her style from the very start. Also spoiler warning I will go into the end of the film so if you wanna watch it, do it before reading the rest!


The real question is… How does mermaid hair stay so fabulous?!

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You’re Under Arrest OVA Review

We endured many terrible things that came out of the 90’s like double denim and greasy grunge hair but at least the decade had some awesome anime! In fact this is probably one of the most enjoyable anime I’ve watched for a while (well technically re watched but whatever). You’re Under Arrest actually started as a manga in the 80s but the anime screams 90s right in your face. Do you long for something a little more normal/mature but with the finesse and art style of anime? Well look no further Natsumi and Miyuki have got your back… Unless you speed, then they will run you off the road.


Best girls *o*

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Inu x Boku SS Review

I’m thinking that from the age of 14-17 is the most dangerous time in a Japanese girl’s life. I’ve lost count of the amount of times crazy shit happens to female protagonists at this age (I guess boys don’t fare much better). This week we have Inu x Boku SS which is already a crazy title. I was sceptical after reading a synopsis describing a 15 year old being obsessively stalked by her supposed bodyguard but after watching the show it at least comes across more interesting and less creepy, so win?


Until I’m safely 18

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Chi’s Sweet Home Review

Another cat anime… Can you tell I like cats? A lot of people might already have seen gifs or figures of the title character Chi as the internet loves cats as much as I do. Surprisingly this is actually a very long running series, the manga started way back in 2004 and the anime has 200 episodes. That’s a lot of cat for any one person to deal with xD


Our new lord and master.

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Persona 4: The Animation

Persona 4: The Animation being based on a video game I played a lot of had quite a challenge as it had to condense at least 80 hours of game play into 25 episodes that kept the story and characterisation while removing all the grindy and game elements. There were many questions like would they fit in the social links from the game? Will the secondary characters interact more being in an anime? Will they feature the penis monster? (Tragically no) So going into this I was both excited and ready for it to slap me in the face.


The only battle steed you need

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My Love Story!! Review

Basically I love everything about this anime. It’s characters, plot and humour is so on point, my only criticism is that it literally slaps you in the face with a love you know can never be real T^T lol! Jeez I mean at least give the rest of us some hope, but no Takeo and Yamato have the perfect love and everything the rest of us will experience is going to be subpar. Thanks anime.


Also you will never get a perfect friend like Suna T^T

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