Haibane Renmei Review

Yeah so this anime is like nearly 15 years old, but I only remembered it recently and it’s worth talking about so in case you missed it so long ago here’s a sort of retro review/random mumbling of Haibane Renmei. In a nut shell it’s about not angels (totally angels) existing in a walled off town, they are both accepted as part of the community and also not, kind of forming their own community really. I won’t go too much into the plot as I believe it should be experienced for yourselves but there is a lot of emphasis on the past and finding redemption.


Such innocent faces hide so much darkness 0_0

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Wakakozake Review

Another unusual anime for the tasting (hohoho) this is Wakakozake. OK so you’ve had a tough day, it happens to everyone, and you need some comfort. What is the first thing you reach for? Why alcohol of course! Just kidding (mostly) this anime is all about the comfort and enjoyment of food and drink, and follows Murasaki Wakako, a 26 year old office lady for 12 evenings as she eats out at various places after work. Stick with me on this, its actually better than it sounds… Honest!


We all know that delicious feeling…

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Makura no Danshi Review

This might have to go on record as the weirdest anime I have ever watched. Even now I’m still in some sort of aftershock of what the hell I just watched and whether I even enjoyed it or not. There is no real plot, no music (except opening titles), 12 assorted menfolk and you are the main character… Have I piqued your interest? Well like I said this is a bizarre anime, you will either love it or hate it.


It was ok…. And um, who are you?

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Saint Young Men Review

Have you ever wondered to yourself “I wonder what it would be like if icons from different religions lived together”? Well look no further friend, for I have found the perfect anime for you. Saint Young Men is a film adapted from a manga series all about Jesus and Buddha living together. Yes I know this already sounds wacky or depending on your outlook possibly controversial but it is actually a pretty sweet endearing film about two buddies with ULTIMATE COSMIC POWER.


Words you never thought you’d hear

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Dusk Maiden of Amnesia Review

Be prepared for my bitterness is incoming! So here we have an anime that’s supposed to be horror/thriller/romance, I went into this thinking this is gonna be great! It’s got ghosts, bit of lovin’ and even the name Dusk Maiden sounds all creepy and cool, although sometimes I read it as dust maiden and think of Cinderella…. Anyway, where could it go wrong? Well settle your butts and I will tell you. Dusk Maiden is about a group of high school students dicking around for 13 episodes with minimal creepy horror action 😡 Also spoilers!!!


How rude your ghosty butt wasn’t more ghosty!

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Orenchi no Furo Jijō Review

Right I’m gonna be truthful here, I saw this anime by chance flash up in my recommendations and the only thing I knew going in is there was a pretty merman in it. I had to think to myself, when have I ever seen an anime or manga with a beautiful merman? I mean there’s mermaid melody, which I’ve never seen but I’m pretty sure is about mermaids being pop stars, there is Monster Musume which has a tragedy loving mermaid in it but they’re all ladies! So really this review is for science and gender equality and yeah stuff and things! I’m boldly stepping out into a new world that’s totally not broadcasting heavy yaoi tones…


Don’t judge me! He’s beautiful!

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Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Review

Yes, everything you’re thinking while looking at that glorious image, yes. If you can’t already tell by the bishonen making cute heart symbols this is a parody anime based of magical girl anime and the like, and it is as amazing as it sounds.


Ok so the story goes there are 5 students each cliched and colour coded for your convenience who have their own club at school. Everything is going along fine till one day while at the bath house together, a pink wombat storms in (yes a wombat) and demands they protect the Earth with the power of love. Naturally they decline immediately, but crafty wombat steals their homeroom teacher and controls him to find them again and force them to aid him. But if this is a magical girl parody, how do they transform I hear you ask. Simple, with the use of… wait for it…. Loveracelets. With a kiss of these magical bracelets they change into Princes of Earth or some other mumbo jumbo, and jeez what am I typing! On top of all this there  is the Conquest club, the opposite of the defense club (and so transform like dominatrix strippers) who are given orders by a green hedgehog to conquer the Earth through force (and fabulousness). Now if that doesn’t get you interested in this anime then you are beyond help my friend. Aside from the wacky premise I have to commend this anime for being able to poke fun at magical girl cliches without coming across as mean and making it funny without being “too” ridiculous.

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Yona of the Dawn Review

So here is my review of well a relatively recent anime Akatsuki no Yona (aka Yona of the Dawn). I’m relatively new at this and there’s a lot to get through so I’m going to tackle this step by step. ALSO SPOILER OMGURD SPOILERS


Yona of the Dawn is set in a semi feudal era in the Kingdom of Kouka, our title character is the princess of this kingdom under the rule of her father King Il who is extremely pacifist and although a kind man he is not thought well of by his subjects who see him as ineffective. Yona has been brought up without hardship and with two very attractive childhood friends, Soo Won, her cousin and Son Hak, her bodyguard (also head of his clan and generals and well this guy does a lot). Yona while loving both her childhood friends has her heart sent on the kindly Soo Won although her father forbids it for reasons unknown (well he says he wants to choose the next king but I’m thinking there’s more to it, I’m onto you Il!).

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