Orenchi no Furo Jijō Review

Right I’m gonna be truthful here, I saw this anime by chance flash up in my recommendations and the only thing I knew going in is there was a pretty merman in it. I had to think to myself, when have I ever seen an anime or manga with a beautiful merman? I mean there’s mermaid melody, which I’ve never seen but I’m pretty sure is about mermaids being pop stars, there is Monster Musume which has a tragedy loving mermaid in it but they’re all ladies! So really this review is for science and gender equality and yeah stuff and things! I’m boldly stepping out into a new world that’s totally not broadcasting heavy yaoi tones…


Don’t judge me! He’s beautiful!


This is one of those ‘slice of life’ anime, where you basically watch people bumble around their everyday lives which always seem to be more interesting than mine (where’s my merman?!). This follows the life of Tatsumi who one day finds Wakasa, who after leaving his polluted home ends up stranded flopping around. Tatsumi instead of immediately posting about this on social media instead invites him to live in his bathroom allowing hilarity and hijinks in. Along the way we discover the struggles of having a grown ass man fish living in your bathroom as well as the wacky friends he brings to visit. It’s a very short anime, each episode only about 5 minutes long and there only being 13 of them, so it’s ideal if you only have a bit of time to watch some glorious merman action. Now about that spicy yaoi I so teasingly tempted you with earlier, ok so this isn’t a yaoi, now there are definite hints of it, like when Takasu octoman shows up to give a ‘massage’ with his tentacles but its all very innocent and nothing ever happens. It is an ongoing manga so maybe its more heavily present there but for the most part I see a lot of the interactions as just genuine affection between the characters rather than sexual.


Yep totally innocent, you can trust me… hue hue hue


Ok so the main characters are Wakasa and Tatsumi. Tatsumi is a very kind student who follows the archetype of no matter how much it inconveniences you, you just keep on helping people cause you’re just so damn nice! To be fair he isn’t just a doormat but comes across as genuinely caring, willing to put up with Wakasa’s crazy demands and friends.

Wakasa on the other hand is loud and clumsy but he is also kind and very appreciative of Tatsumi’s continuous care and wants to look out for him, even if sometimes this causes more trouble than help. He also is oblivious to lots of things that are part of our world wanting to upgrade the bathroom or have delicious food with no idea of the ramifications or cost ya big fishy mooch!

There are a few other characters such as; Takasu an octoman, Kasumi (Tatsumi’s little sister who fights for his attention), Mikuni a jellyfish man and Maki a sea-snail with self-esteem issues. They all get an episode or two to generally come in and dick around with Tatsumi’s life and stuff but they’re lovable enough, and more importantly inject a little more humor into the plot as you find out what they are and what that means, like cleaning a sea snail makes them happy(?).


Jeez bathrooms in Japan are big!


I’ll make a special mention about the art, I’m a fan of beast/human hybrids and love to seen them represented in anime so already I’m a little bias but I do genuinely love the art style, the colours are quite saturated and bright but keep a nice warmness representative of a nice hot bath I assume xD The character designs are also pretty sweet,  Tatsumi standing out as being the most normal looking but I like the way his clothes and hair covering his face kinda represent his shyness. Wakasa is, as already mentioned, BEAUTIFUL his hair is even like a fin and he has blonde eyelashes people! The characters look great, although Mikuni (jellyfish man) does just look like a blob of water, maybe some tentacles would have been nice. They also switch frequently to a chibi style which is just adorable and suits the comedy parts.


Tatsumi’s face is all you need to know about living with a merman


This was a fun little anime that showed me something different, namely mermen and octomen, but it had sweet humor and interesting characters, it would be nice to have more episodes but I didn’t feel bereft when it was over as it was short but sweet. If you like a little inoffensive humor showing different cultures(species) colliding then I would recommend it to you, if you are looking for something with drama, sadness , conflict or action this probably isn’t gonna be for you. Enjoy!


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