Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! Season 2 on its way!

Boom! If you talk about something enough it’s bound to come around again xD Our beloved magical girl parody is coming back this summer for round 2.


Nice to see you back guys!

Specifically July time to be exact, with some new characters naturally. I’m not really sure where they can go with this concept as the ending for season one was very final and tied up all loose ends. I’m hopeful it won’t be just milking the cow and well magical girl anime’s go on till the end of time so maybe it’ll follow a similar route.


Ah the sexy twins. Now we have the whole set of bishonen!

The two new characters are apparently part of some idol group so maybe that’ll be the focus of the new season but who knows. No time like the present to start watching the first season if you haven’t already!


Even a gallery book is being released (in May if you’re wondering)


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