Makura no Danshi Review

This might have to go on record as the weirdest anime I have ever watched. Even now I’m still in some sort of aftershock of what the hell I just watched and whether I even enjoyed it or not. There is no real plot, no music (except opening titles), 12 assorted menfolk and you are the main character… Have I piqued your interest? Well like I said this is a bizarre anime, you will either love it or hate it.


It was ok…. And um, who are you?


So is he a magical sheep?


So what the hell is going on? Well from watching Makura no Danshi and researching afterwards I have discovered this is supposed to be a sleeping aid? Or well something to relax to. There is 12 episodes, each only 3-4 minutes long. Each episode features a different guy (except the first and last who have the same guy) who basically talk to you while you sleep or pass out drunk or suffer from sleeping sickness… and omg this shit is bananas xD Ok but seriously this actually reminds me of an otome game CG event except with the heroines dialogue cut out. The guy speaks to you and just assumes you responded or responds for you, some of the episode is just speaking directly to them but then there is cuts of them doing different day-to-day things, stills of the scene or them lying around with their abs out. Half glorious, half cringe inducing.


Some things you can’t look away from…

Each guy is a different ‘type’ so you have the usual clichés; amorous twins, tough guy at school, supportive work colleague, older friendly guy and lots more. One thing I did find creepy was there is one 5 year old kid thrown in, now the episode itself wasn’t creepy or romantic as it was really just him telling you about his day and his love of superheroes. However considering the rest of the episodes with the other guys are definitely romantic in nature it really just stands out weirdly. Now I will admit the characters themselves were pretty cute and had their own personalities, even in the little time you spent with them, which really just makes me think they would be far better suited to another anime or game.


Dude you are like 30 -_-

I’m still not sure whether I can recommend this or not. I have to applaud it for its weirdness and unique concept, I did find myself wanting to watch more even if it was for cringe inducing moments. But I know some people will probably gag at the concept alone. I think maybe it had potential but hasn’t been implemented correctly yet, the dead silence after the guy asks the viewer a question is awkward enough but the pan to his still shots makes the whole thing hilarious when I’m assuming it’s supposed to be more romantic in nature. One moment that sticks out is a guy who is playing the violin for you to sleep to, he plays it up as if it’s gonna be the best performance of your life, you get a still of him standing majestically with the violin and then… nothing, no music, no violin playing and then he just carries on as if you just heard Mozart.


This is how I always exit sleeping bags.

I think I can say if you are a fan of otome games or romantic anime you might like this, even if it’s just to laugh at its awkwardness, there are some sweet moments but the overall concept definitely needs some work. The art style is pretty nice and consistent and the opening title song is actually pretty catchy. Never let it be said that I don’t find some bizarre stuff! xD



Why do you de-age?! 0_0


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