Wakakozake Review

Another unusual anime for the tasting (hohoho) this is Wakakozake. OK so you’ve had a tough day, it happens to everyone, and you need some comfort. What is the first thing you reach for? Why alcohol of course! Just kidding (mostly) this anime is all about the comfort and enjoyment of food and drink, and follows Murasaki Wakako, a 26 year old office lady for 12 evenings as she eats out at various places after work. Stick with me on this, its actually better than it sounds… Honest!


We all know that delicious feeling…


Literally watch a lady talk about and eat food. I mean this lady really likes food! Every episode involves a short snippet of Wakako’s day to explain what’s put her in the mood for a particular food and drink. This includes; being told off for someone else’s dumbass mistake, having to speak in front of lots of people in a meeting, skin issues, nostalgia etc. or just general desire for some tasty foods. I like it as it’s kinda realistic and relatable, it also has her go into a little detail behind the food and why she picks certain drinks to go with it. These dishes are generally Japanese so be prepared to be educated!


We all know that drunk feeling…

Now I know what you’re thinking… That sounds boring, well smarty pants you’ll just have to watch it to see its sweet wholesome beauty! There’s something quite cathartic about seeing food prepared and eaten, especially by someone who enjoys it. Wakako herself is pretty easy going, even when she’s having a bad day instead of moping she knows to go straight to the food and drink for some cheer up time which I can appreciate. It also inspires me to try some of these things, ginko nuts or yakitori anyone?


She still has much to learn about food etiquette apparently

Watching the whole series takes about half an hour so it’s perfect if you’ve only got a little time and you want to watch something adorable. Wakako herself being drawn so cutely which makes for easy viewing. If you wanna watch something that’s sweet and also learn a thing or two about eating out Japanese style then I can recommend Wakakozake.




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