Poyopoyo Review

After that last review I feel the need for something unashamedly cute and full of only nice fluffy things. Introducing the adorable Poyo! The ultimate cure to having the crap scared out of you, it’s all about a literal sphere cat and the family that adopts him.


Moe, her cat Poyo, her younger brother Hide and their dad

It’s basically an adorable slice of life anime that will speak to the very soul of any cat owner. Poyo is like a champion of cats, he soothes the hearts and minds of animals and people alike (except Hide, but cats always hate one person), they captured the behavior of cats very well and his design is just too adorable to not fall in love with.

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Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories Review

First of all I must apologise for the delay in putting something up, I have been very busy of late and haven’t had time to really sit down and write. But never fear I found something horrifying to traumatise everyone with… I will write a much happier review soon xD

Yeah for someone who doesn’t like horror, I end up watching some messed up stuff… Yamishibai is a collection of short ghost stories and urban legends told to the audience through some spooky ass man who wears a creepy yellow mask and loiters round playgrounds. Its literal translation is something like dark play or theater of darkness so it’s not like I can say I thought it was gonna be rainbows and butterflies, but I honestly hoped it would follow the formula of; person encounters spooky thing, flees for life and lives to tell the tale. NOPE.


Rule 1# Don’t ever get out of the car!

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The Wallflower Review

Well today I actually feel bereft, every once in a while you find such a great show that you don’t want it to end, you even put off watching those last episodes while obsessively needing to watch them. This is The Wallflowers effect (aka Yamato Nadeshiko), I went in with a preconception of it being your typical otome style romance with 4 guys chasing after the one ‘odd’ girl but jeez was I wrong.


Love’s young dream right there

First of all at its heart this anime is all about the comedy, romance definitely is featured but has been told to sit in the back seat along with common sense. The Wallflower is about a girl named Sunako, she has crippling self-worth issues after she confessed her love to a boy in middle school who told her that he hated ugly girls, from then on she refused to even look in a mirror and retreated into her own world. Her rich auntie has a huge mansion in which she has allowed four beautiful young men to live with her as landlord, she makes a deal with them that she will allow them to live rent free in her beautiful mansion as long as they turn Sunako into a lady by the time she returns from her round the world trip if they fail the rent is tripled!

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Shiki Review

So we all know this scenario, we have a friend who you wanna share an anime with, problem is they know nothing about anime and think it’s weird, no matter what you say you can’t convince them to even try it. Their final response usually ends up being something along the line of “it’s all in Japanese and they have weird stupid hair”. Well guys they might have just seen Shiki at some point because holy balls does its art direction epitomise everything non anime watchers see when watching anime.

I mean look at them! One girl’s hair is literally a green rope cemented into place, and don’t get me started on Tina two stars up there. All the characters are like this which for me at least makes everything kinda hilarious. I have a feeling though that this design was done with a more intelligent reason as Shiki itself is kinda generic horror drowning among a sea of other horror anime, basically its art style is the one thing that makes people really remember it. So Shiki in a nutshell is vampires and yes whenever anyone mentions vampires tragically Twilight must be mentioned but yeah these aren’t like Twilight’s fairy vampires these are nasty ass bite you a lot vampires.

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I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying Review

So I feel I need to add a warning label to this one as it might hit particular close to home for many of you… including myself. This is another anime that seems to be a little on the bananas side, it’s all about a young married couple which seems pretty average, the difference here is that the husband is an otaku. Now some of you may not know what an otaku is (JK of course you do! But let’s pretend), an otaku is someone who is obsessively into something, now this can be anything e.g. trains, sports etc but a lot of the time it is tied to anime and manga. Now I don’t identify as an otaku, although I enjoy anime and manga I do enjoy other things and do other stuff, an otaku would be someone who barely does anything else hence the term obsession being used. But you can bet your ass that we’ve all got a little bit of otakuness to us, enough to understand some of what the husband is saying in this show. Which makes it both hilarious and horrifying.



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Hozuki no Reitetsu Review

Today we take a merry tour of where most of us are probably going to end up… Hell. Well that’s not specifically true as this anime in particular deals with Japanese Hell only, but hey if you want a vacation during your eternal damnation here’s a good look at what to expect!

Hoozuki no Reitetsu - OP - Large 02

Well this doesn’t look so bad

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Pride and Prejudice Manga Review

Time for a good dose of Britishness! I must admit going into this I wasn’t really expecting much, there have been many dodgy western attempts at manga and even the cover art didn’t really sell it to me… But I do love some classic English Literature and Pride and Prejudice is pretty well covered in terms of book, play and film adaptations (if you find a video game based on it let me know). So why not a manga?! It’s got romance, drama, family and class disputes and generally lovable characters. So here we go, pour yourself a cup of tea and get immersed.


All the Bennet Sisters rendered in beautiful manga form… LOL so sorry Mary

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