I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying Review

So I feel I need to add a warning label to this one as it might hit particular close to home for many of you… including myself. This is another anime that seems to be a little on the bananas side, it’s all about a young married couple which seems pretty average, the difference here is that the husband is an otaku. Now some of you may not know what an otaku is (JK of course you do! But let’s pretend), an otaku is someone who is obsessively into something, now this can be anything e.g. trains, sports etc but a lot of the time it is tied to anime and manga. Now I don’t identify as an otaku, although I enjoy anime and manga I do enjoy other things and do other stuff, an otaku would be someone who barely does anything else hence the term obsession being used. But you can bet your ass that we’ve all got a little bit of otakuness to us, enough to understand some of what the husband is saying in this show. Which makes it both hilarious and horrifying.




Ok so there isn’t much of a plot per se, it goes through some of the natural clichés that most couple orientated shows do like family pressures to have kids, one of the parents hates the partner, introducing your partner to people who won’t understand them etc. For the most part it actually covers them really well, it doesn’t hide the fact that marriage is pretty difficult and couples definitely don’t get on all the time. The main selling point here is that the husband is basically a MASSIVE ANIME DORK.


An affliction that affects many

Kaoru is a hardworking office lady basically keeping her husband Hajime, well that’s not true he does do some work but is clearly less bothered then her about such things, even declaring himself a NEET at one stage (a person who isn’t in education, work or training). The bulk of the anime is spent with Kaoru trying to understand her husband. It is actually quite sweet how although she has no interest herself, she loves him and wants to at least have a basic knowledge of things he is interested in. Hajime also recognises his extreme otaku nature and while doesn’t change who he is, he does try to also help Kaoru and try to understand her as well, even if he knows he’s a big failure at social skills.


Why you shouldn’t meet up with people you met online

Of course you get the recurring friends, Kaoru’s being saner than Hajime’s, and the parents show up once or twice. I think what most people will get enjoyment out of is the hilarious reality, using anime terms in real life to a normal person is often a crazy and funny process, now add extreme anime fetishes and lifestyles and you have a recipe for disaster. There is no malice in it though, it never makes otakus out to be horrible people or non otakus to be super serious and unable to understand, at its heart it’s about two people in love trying to understand each other. It’s another short one, only 3 minute episodes but it has two seasons as it’s so popular.


Waifu wars are serious!

If you’re a fan of anime (if you aren’t why are you here?) I think you’ll get a kick out of all the anime references to the culture and shows as well as sympathise with the struggles of trying to explain to someone not familiar with it. It’s also refreshing to see an older, realistic relationship being displayed, these two are in their early to mid 20s, married and living together. There are sex jokes, talks about married life etc which makes a nice change from dramatic teenage romances or the young 20s pre married life. My one complaint is that the female characters are drawn to look very cute and young despite them being at least 25, I know it’s to sell the anime more but it just looks disjointed when the men look about the right age, either draw both cute or none! If you are looking for drama or complex plot you won’t find it here though, this is just something light-hearted and funny to pass the time before the next big thing.


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