Poyopoyo Review

After that last review I feel the need for something unashamedly cute and full of only nice fluffy things. Introducing the adorable Poyo! The ultimate cure to having the crap scared out of you, it’s all about a literal sphere cat and the family that adopts him.


Moe, her cat Poyo, her younger brother Hide and their dad

It’s basically an adorable slice of life anime that will speak to the very soul of any cat owner. Poyo is like a champion of cats, he soothes the hearts and minds of animals and people alike (except Hide, but cats always hate one person), they captured the behavior of cats very well and his design is just too adorable to not fall in love with.

Although Poyo is the focus it does explore plenty of family, friend and neighbor dynamics. Moe is particularly hilarious as a good-natured but ditsy owner and its nice to just see a bit of day to day country life. As the series progresses you’re introduced to Hide’s friends who own a hamster and a dog and the show explores some of their pets behaviors as well as how the owners react. For example when you own a hamster, all small crevices are covered, some one with a dog usually puts things away immediately to stop dogs messing with your stuff xD As some one who has pets I can empathise with these learned habits.



I was actually surprised how attached I became to the characters, the family is very endearing and pulls off the many similarities families have with each other. The art style is really sweet, not quite full chibi but close enough. The humor is also pretty solid, well for people who like pet humor. If you aren’t really a cat lover this anime might be just a little boring for you but if you like me own a cat you will understand every minute of it xD


When your pet chooses someone else…




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