The Ancient Magus Bride Manga Review

Ah yes, big news everyone! Not only is this a great manga but it’s about to get an anime. Ooo it’s like a big ol’ anime birthday for me at the moment. Well when I say anime I mean 3 episodes that are supposed to be a prequel? Except looking at the trailer it’s following the first volume soooooo maybe it just means a precursor to a full anime series or I don’t know. Either way it looks awesome.

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Hell Girl Review

Hell girl, perhaps better known as Jigoku Shoujo, is the anime for the masochist but who still wants a little justice here and there. It’s beautiful to look at in both its design and the way it personifies our helplessness against certain forces, you also get to see cruel people get their asses handed to them through mental torment woooooo. Gather round kid’s time for some sweet vengeance, at a price.


I believe some of Ai’s problems come from the fact that she is part dragonfly, girl what is up with your eyes?

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Seven Deadly Sins Review

Welcome to ye olde Europe, especially Britain and France! Ahem sorry I mean Britannia, a strange amalgamation of well a lot of European things, which means everyone is going to wear poofy blouses and brown with lots of lace ups, except the main characters who get to wear whatever they like after they got their protagonist cards. Are you ready for a rip snorting, action packed anime? Well here it is the Seven Deadly Sins…


Best squad ever

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Princess Jellyfish Review

So this is one of the most frustrating of anime, oh it is good, but well to give it an analogy it’s like eating a beautiful steak dinner. Everything is cooked to perfection, the waiter asks you if you want dessert, of course you do after such an exquisite meal! Then a dead cat is placed in front of you in an ice cream dish and the whole evening is ruined…┬áThis is what I call the ongoing manga effect.

Princess Jellyfish is still being written as we speak, so the anime wanting to probably start while the series was at peak popularity just charged on ahead leaving it to end in a most unsatisfactory manner. It had to end somehow but also leave it open enough so that people would go view the manga. It is only 11 episodes so it could also have been made purely to sell the manga but still I’m raging about it. Anyway all this preamble and I haven’t told you a thing about it, all you know is there is a jellyfish of high stature at this point.


Wait a second… She is no jelly!

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Mushishi Review

Another oldie but a goodie, Mushishi is one of the first anime that I watched that showed how deep a story could be without focusing on a huge cast of characters, now that’s not to say there isn’t heavy emphasis on people, their relationships with each other, nature etc. But really the main focus of the series is all about something called mushi. Now what the hell is that?! Well mushi translated means insect and that is completely not what they are so great going on the name, mushishi means a master of mushi which is sort of better.


Truly the most psychedelic of creatures

Mushi are basically a whole kingdom of their own, we have the animal kingdom, plant kingdom etc. There is no one specific way to describe them as each species of mushi varies greatly from each other, in abilities, appearance and intellect. To me their design seems heavily based on microbes or tiny sea creatures and it gives you the feeling that these are primitive creatures, highly sophisticated but haven’t changed much of their functions over evolution and are purely going on survival instinct. In the series they are described as life in its purest form, hiding from the light (most of them glow) and originating from the river of light known as kouki, which is just a river of mushi that you shouldn’t stare at or you’ll go blind. Lovely.

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