The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi – First Impressions

Ok so this has to be more of a first impressions as this series has only just started and quality is known to change with the wind sooooo I’ll do my best xD But it already looks like a hilarious little series so I figured why not, if it goes to hell I can do an angry rant later.


Literally me reading most manga

So for those of you who aren’t familiar with Yaoi or BL you may be wondering what is a Fudanshi? Sounds funky. Well allow me to welcome you in and expand your vocab, yaoi/BL is typically written for a lady audience, these fans are referred to as fujoshi (literally meaning rotten girl lol!)  But then of course, as with all types of entertainment, it is never exclusive to one group of people no matter its original intention. So as men started reading yaoi/BL they too required a label and thus fudanshi was born (meaning rotten boy). This is what this whole series is about, the struggles of a teenage boy trying to read his yaoi without being judged!

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Kamigami No Asobi Review

Another romance anime this week that hilariously exceeded expectations xD You know when you read the tag line of something and it mentions ancient mythology you’re in for a ride, because no matter how hard they try to keep some semblance of the original myth you know crazier shit happened back in the day. Nobody is gonna forget the time Loki banged a horse and gave birth or the fact that Susanoo was literally born from a nose… But oh well it makes the parts when they try to act all high and mighty hilarious to me.


Mmm all that delicious mythology

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica Review

Hello to the one other anime fan that hasn’t seen this show! Yes I feel it is time to tackle one of the larger things to hit anime in recent years, well at least magical girl anime before the big deflated balloon of Sailor Moon Crystal. Now I will admit I saw this only recently, as a nostalgia lover of the magical girl genre, under the expectation that this was new, dark and different. While it is certainly those things it also is clichéd and crazy…


Well this looks like fun times!

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Ghost Stories Review

So I went into this with high hopes as it is one of those magical anime where crazy shit happened when it was passed to American publication. The story is rumoured that after Ghost Stories had released in Japan it wasn’t doing great, they needed some money fast so after much pondering (one assumes), divine wisdom struck and the studio then decided to license it for overseas. However this is also quite costly so to save money and appeal to a broader audience they allowed the publisher ADV Films to basically do whatever the hell they liked… Seriously. Change the whole script, let the voice actors ad lib, whatever they liked. Of course this sounds like possibly a liberating experience, I mean it is difficult for dub publications to match words to the mouth movements and keep the meaning. But no it was like giving some kids some sherbet and asking them to do a test. In short it became a complete parody of the whole show, which is both good and bad.


Yes it’s that sort of comedy…

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Kiddy Grade Review

Another older anime and one that does so much well and then trips over its own two feet in the rush to appease its audience *sigh*. This was an anime I found in the bottom of a bin, where all the other anime that weren’t good enough to make it main stream are doomed to live. Now that’s not to say Kiddy Grade is a bad anime, it just falls into a few traps that stop it from being the sci-fi epic it could be T^T However I am willing to give it a fair review despite this as the things it does well should be talked about.


Sorry ladies but some things just suck always

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