Kamigami No Asobi Review

Another romance anime this week that hilariously exceeded expectations xD You know when you read the tag line of something and it mentions ancient mythology you’re in for a ride, because no matter how hard they try to keep some semblance of the original myth you know crazier shit happened back in the day. Nobody is gonna forget the time Loki banged a horse and gave birth or the fact that Susanoo was literally born from a nose… But oh well it makes the parts when they try to act all high and mighty hilarious to me.


Mmm all that delicious mythology


Now this anime was originally adapted from an otome game (shocking revelation I know) which tells you most of what you need to know right from the start. It’s gonna be about some girl with serious derp commitment issues with a bajillion hot guys around her trying to get into her pants… BUT NOT TOO MUCH, because that’s commitment. Each one of these games now anime have a unique selling point, in Kamigami no Asobi’s case it’s all the guys are Gods from ancient mythology, which well isn’t actually that unique but I love mythology so woo I’m in. It should also be mentioned that all these otome anime will always end with her either ending up with one of the guys, the ‘canon’ one from the game or she’ll derp around and end up with all of them loving her and her committing to no one, no prizes for guessing which happens here.

So our main heroine is Yui Kusanagi which if you know anything about Japanese history her name gives a massive hint that she’s magical. She’s a friendly high school girl, skilled in the art of sword fighting and lives with her family who run a Shinto Shrine. After returning home from school she is called to the storage shed by a mysterious voice, which yes sounds extremely dodgy but it brought back Kagome flashbacks more than anything else. In the shed lies a big glowing sword, the actual Kusanagi! AKA Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven, which if you didn’t know is one of the three imperial regalia of Japan, what a coincidence! Once she touches the sword she is transported to a strange place and the sword transforms into a necklace. I actually have to commend Yui as the first things she does is check her phone repeatedly to try to get signal to call someone, it’s almost like she has a brain (an unfortunate rarity in some of these anime). No such luck, so she travels around to try and find anyone. The people she finds however are all unhelpful assholes, sorry I mean bachelors.


Seriously, worst initial help ever

She finally is called by none other than Zeus himself! Who tells her she is here to teach the other Gods the ways of humans and how delightful we all are. As Yui has a brain she immediately declines, thinking of her family, however Zeus is an ass and says well you aren’t leaving so suck it. Zeus then informs the other Gods of his magic plan to which they all are similarly displeased but Zeus binds their powers and trololols away. From here on it plays out like most of these anime, the first few episodes settle you in with all the characters and then they all get an episode each to showcase a bachelor and show Yui growing close to them.


Ohhhhhh yeah

So who the hell are these guys? Well we have 4 sets of mythology; Greek, Norse, Japanese and Egypt.


In the Greek Corner we have Dionysus, Hades and Apollon (should be spelled Apollo 😡 )

Apollon is the unofficial lead, he’s the first one to really bond with Yui and wants the school to be a success. He’s happy, friendly and charming whilst also being derp. Zeus is his father here and in mythology, this makes Hades his uncle which is pretty hilarious when he’s been forced to hang around with his nephews as a high school student. Apollon is the God of music and prophesy but also dragged the sun across the sky so has some ties to it. In the anime he has his prophetic skills but they are drastically reduced due to Zeus. He is elected to be the student council president despite having no idea what it means initially.

Hades is the gloomy dad of the group, although I found him to be adorable. He is the most mature out of everyone but unfortunately being the God of the Underworld he also carries the curse of the people who died making him constantly unlucky and bringing misfortune to those around him. He mainly tries to keep his distance from people but is really soft on the inside T^T

Dionysus is awesome and both he and Thor get a terrible deal! Dionysus is a god of fertility and partying, so he’s really laid back and easy-going but really supportive especially of his brother and uncle. Now I don’t know whether him and Thor were just extra characters in the game but they are apparently not cool enough to be the group shots or get their own episode with Yui 😡 They are just treated as set dressing a lot of the time which is super lame 😦


In the Norse corner we have Thor, Loki and Balder

Poor Thor 😦 he’s the silent type, like Mori from Ouran except he can have a bit of attitude when he doesn’t want to do something. He really looks out for Loki and Balder but it just feels like he tags along, which is crazy considering what happens at the end of the series which critically involves Loki and Balder. Again he gets no special time with Yui although he is still nice to her and opens up so she can help Loki.

Loki is, like the myth, a cheeky, trickster guy xD He actually seems to dislike Yui for a while but mainly due to bromance jealous with Balder. He plays pranks on people but we all know it’s just an act cause he’s so damaged guuuuuuuuys T^T I actually liked him quite a bit as he did tell people when to suck it and his loyalty to his friends is adorable.

Balder is just derp.

Ok so he is the really sweet one, always falling over and hurting himself. He’s the Norse god of light and his death is what starts Ragnarok. Because of his powers everyone loves him, and his mum (taking over protective parenting to the next level) made everything promise not to hurt him except mistletoe, even rain refuses to fall on him xD This gives him self-worth issues understandably as everyone just loves him automatically in an overbearing fangirl way. However he does have a darker side which appears when his emotions become unstable.


Japan only has two; Tsukuyomi and Susanoo, because no other girls allowed? Amaterasu T^T

Tsukuyomi is a robot… well he acts like one. He shows no emotion and writes everything down meticulously but with no understanding of what it means. When he is given a task he becomes obsessed with fulfilling it as it gives his life worth. He is very close to his brother.

Susanoo is the loud aggressive one, at first only interested in helping his brother he naturally warms up to people eventually. He’s one of those guys who admires hard work and dedication and if you don’t have it you are dead to him 0_0 but this makes him 100% cuter when he goes all shy.


Thoth and Anubis

Thoth is probably the funniest character, he is the Egyptian god of knowledge and is intense scowly man! In every episode he must slam his hand against a wall next to Yui or whoever he happens to be talking to in a very dramatic fashion before telling them basically to grow a pair then sashaying away. Seriously he doesn’t give a shit, his narration of Cinderella is amazing as well as his reaction to Anubis.

Now I’ve included Anubis only because he plays a bigger role in the game, in the anime he doesn’t even speak apart from incoherent babbles. Why? It is never explained, you just see him occasionally sleeping so he really is just a waste of a character, much like Melissa. Melissa (who is a dude) is a clay doll made by Zeus, I imagine in the game he was the tutorial/advice character so had more to do but here they introduce him, he appears like twice to tell Yui not to worry about a problem and then isn’t seen again until the end. Just a nod to the game but a complete waste of animation ¬_¬


Ultimate troll Zeus

Zeus is just a massive troll who does what he likes, changing the season, trapping Gods, being generally grumpy and moping when things don’t go his way. He was hilarious unintentionally. His master plan was basically hope these Gods learn about humans so we don’t all die, so he builds a school… Yeah stellar work Zeus.

I actually did love this anime, it’s only 12 episodes long but it really works with what it has. All the characters are clichés but are really endearing. The plot twist at the end I didn’t expect when I first got into this and really raises the stakes, and although Yui facilitates the resolution it is up to the people closest to save said person from themselves. Yui is treated like the best thing since sliced bread and there is infighting over her but in a sweet way most of the time. Yui was a bit hit and miss as a character, in some ways she really took charge while remaining a sweet person but then there were 2 episodes where she literally became a doormat and I’m like ¬_¬ girl just tell him no LOL! But oh well it’s to add drama I suppose. There was a bit of doki doki moments as you would hope but not as many as I expected but then this is a reverse harem so it can’t be too unfair xP

If you like otome games and anime then you’ll probably love this. It has a good plot and solid characters for such a short anime. If you are looking for a good strong love story there are better out there. Now I just have to see if there’s an English translation of this game…


Sweet mythical booty


2 thoughts on “Kamigami No Asobi Review

  1. Karandi says:

    I really found the protagonist in this anime incredibly dull (even for a harem). Plus, they kind of destroyed mythology at least once an episode. It was pleasant enough but I wouldn’t watch it again.


    • hinodearekkusu says:

      Yeah she didn’t have much personality, but I’ve seen worse xD

      I let the mythology slide though because well it’s Zeus summoning Gods from different times and places to attend a school with literally just them to learn about something they haven’t managed to do in the thousands of years they’ve been alive… unless he’s taken them from different time frames in their lives 0_o Yeah the mythology is just a nice paint job but I appreciated the aesthetic and the fact I could laugh when stuff was mentioned like Cassandra. I don’t think that’s how it happened Apollon but ok your ‘interpretation’ is much nicer xD

      I still enjoyed it but wouldn’t ask for a second season, I find if they don’t commit to a plot line/route say from the original game, there’s just nowhere for them to go. These kinds of anime are really just advertisements for the games anyway.

      Liked by 1 person

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