The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi – First Impressions

Ok so this has to be more of a first impressions as this series has only just started and quality is known to change with the wind sooooo I’ll do my best xD But it already looks like a hilarious little series so I figured why not, if it goes to hell I can do an angry rant later.


Literally me reading most manga

So for those of you who aren’t familiar with Yaoi or BL you may be wondering what is a Fudanshi? Sounds funky. Well allow me to welcome you in and expand your vocab, yaoi/BL is typically written for a lady audience, these fans are referred to as fujoshi (literally meaning rotten girl lol!)  But then of course, as with all types of entertainment, it is never exclusive to one group of people no matter its original intention. So as men started reading yaoi/BL they too required a label and thus fudanshi was born (meaning rotten boy). This is what this whole series is about, the struggles of a teenage boy trying to read his yaoi without being judged!

Our main character is Sakaguichi, each episode is only a few minutes long and highlights a particular feature of yaoi community or societies pressures on Sakaguichi to make him feel embarrassed for his hobbies. He has a motley crew of friends with only his closest friend (at the beginning) knowing his interest, he does later meet a fujoshi and others but originally it’s just one dude skulking around the yaoi section looking shifty xD.


Maybe people would be more accepting if you didn’t exude black smoke?

Interestingly Sakaguichi claims to not actually have any romantic interest in men in reality, but loves reading yaoi. It’s also noted multiple times that he shows very little to no interest in girls. I feel the series is trying to tell me something but I’m holding back from assuming anything. I mean in reality it is perfectly reasonable for someone to enjoy reading something but not actively participate in it, but this anime is definitely catering to an audience so we’ll see how it turns out.

Sakaguichi’s best friend Nakamura is just your average insanely beautiful high school guy meaning he is groped regularly and becomes fodder for yaoi fan service. He also represents the noob who has no idea about yaoi and just listens to Sakaguichi ramble on, trying to understand but ultimately wishing he had never asked lol. Recently Sakaguichi has also made friends with a fujoshi named Rumi, which allows him to pretend to be with her when browsing for his yaoi, poor Rumi mistakes it originally for perhaps something more but this is yaoi Rumi so you better put those crazy notions behind you!


The politics of yaoi

There are a few other characters who are regulars, we have the school heart-throb Yuujirou, he’s handsome, athletic, gets on with all the girls etc. and his ‘bitch’ Ueda as Sakaguichi refers to him xD  who is completely in love with Yuujirou. This leads to extremely awkward situations as Ueda acts like a character from a yaoi which doesn’t work in real life and comes across as very odd.

Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu - ED - Large 02

Guess which is which

Generally each episode will feature one aspect of the community such as canon pairings vs non canon and then Sakaguichi freaking out about something that could potential embarrass him or ruin yaoi viewing.

So far it’s a fun little series, it isn’t gonna cause a revolution but if you are interested in yaoi you’ll get a few laughs out of this. The animation can be a little choppy at times but with each episode being only 3-4 mins long it never detracts too much from the light-hearted humour.


Friends that fangirl together, stay together ❤



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