My Love Story!! Review

Basically I love everything about this anime. It’s characters, plot and humour is so on point, my only criticism is that it literally slaps you in the face with a love you know can never be real T^T lol! Jeez I mean at least give the rest of us some hope, but no Takeo and Yamato have the perfect love and everything the rest of us will experience is going to be subpar. Thanks anime.


Also you will never get a perfect friend like Suna T^T

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Don’t Be Cruel First Impressions

Don’t be cruel aka Everyone get into Nemugasa’s pants is a story mainly about two high school students; Nemugasa and Maya and their frolics into yaoi land. I’ve only read the first two volumes (as they are grouped as omnibuses) but already it’s been a roller coaster ride of emotion and lack of safe words. There is even an explicit warning on the front of the book so good lord hold on to your pants!

Don't be cruel scan.JPG

Yes, super strange that two males should ever want to spend time together… totally…

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Lucky Star Review

Yeah so I’ve picked another old one but I figure if you haven’t heard of/watched Lucky Star then you are missing out! It manages to be great with no plot, very little character development, no romance and very little action… How can this be? With very cute characters doing relatable funny things, that’s how!


Well it’s relatable to me.

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