Lucky Star Review

Yeah so I’ve picked another old one but I figure if you haven’t heard of/watched Lucky Star then you are missing out! It manages to be great with no plot, very little character development, no romance and very little action… How can this be? With very cute characters doing relatable funny things, that’s how!


Well it’s relatable to me.

Lucky Star is closest to a slice of life anime, it mainly depicts the daily routine of four Japanese high school girls, Konata (of the blue hair) being the main focus. She’s really into anime, manga and video games so rarely does her homework but surprisingly she is very athletic despite not leaving her house apart from school and otaku related things. Then we have the twins Kagami (older and purple pigtails) and Tsukasa (younger and purple short hair). Tsukasa is in Konata’s class and is similar in her work ethic, but this is due to her being forgetful and a little scatter brained.

Poor Kagami is the extremely academic, over achiever who ends up helping both of them. She can be a little snobbish and get frustrated when Konata starts talking in otaku terms as she has no idea what the hell she’s talking about and generally views it as harassment xD Lastly we have Miyuki, who wears glasses and has pink hair. She’s the friendly academic archetype which means she also has to be clueless. Konata describes her as the most moe out of the bunch as she’s also the rich girl, good mannered, class president etc.


Bestie squad

Despite their very stand out appearance and chibiness, everything else about this anime is pretty much describing a high school girl’s life. Even being set in Japan, a lot of people who are currently high school students or have been will be able to relate to this even if it’s just to remember some of the entirely pointless things you discussed, like how you eat something compared to other people.

Konata and Kagami steal the show most of the time being so different in personality types and Konata able to constantly wind Kagami up. Konata being an otaku also gets to make all the anime references and gaming references that are bound to get a few laughs, especially when you see her father is also an otaku. The whole series roughly takes place over a year so you get to see what each season brings in terms of events and challenges.


When it’s hot and you have a skirt, you flap, regardless of who’s watching.

What I appreciate most is how realistic some of it is, despite its goofy/cute exterior it manages to capture a lot of the real life daily goings of at least my high school experience. Of course it still does crazy shit as this is anime and that’s the law but yeah most episodes I was laughing along because I had done something similar. A scene where a boy asks Kagami to meet him and despite her logical, calm nature she still manages to get worked up over it. Making it into a possible romance until the meeting which turns out to be completely normal and non-romantic at all, I feel this speaks to the soul of most girls xD


Konata never misses a chance to cosplay.

It’s a hard anime to talk about because on the surface it actually sounds kind of bland, there is no big love interest or secret demons flying out someone’s ass or girls transforming into robots. Just some girls with their own kooky personalities interacting at school. But not every anime needs to be a massive drama fest, this anime is all about the comedy.

Further in the series you get to meet other characters such as the first years and their home room teacher, who like Konata is a massive otaku and occasionally plays with her online before telling her to go do her homework xD There’s also Yui, a female police officer who is Konata’s cousin. All these characters are funny and stereotyped in their own way but they all fit nicely into making it a believable situation.


Tsukasa’s bow is directly in tune with her emotional state

This is a great light-hearted anime for anyone who just wants to have a chuckle for a while, its 24 episodes so a good decent length and I didn’t find it boring despite it not having any of the usual things that make me like an anime. The characters are adorable and have enough positive and negative traits to make them all likeable. Some of the later characters are a bit vapid but they really are just set dressing at that point xD

At the end of each episode there is a small segment run by Akira who plays a very deliberate stereotype of a burnt out entertainer, when she is happy she is the epitome of cute Japanese starlet, when unhappy she becomes a cynical, selfish chain smoker burned out on show business. Her assistant, Minoru, is the bright-eyed, innocent who faces Akira’s fury. It was kinda funny at first but got a little repetitive after a while, luckily it’s at the end so you can skip it after the main episode.


Line up in order of stereotype!


If you need a plot or drama to keep you going, you’ll probably be bored out your mind. But if you can watch something purely for the innocent comedy and relatable situations, you can’t go wrong with Lucky Star.







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