Don’t Be Cruel First Impressions

Don’t be cruel aka Everyone get into Nemugasa’s pants is a story mainly about two high school students; Nemugasa and Maya and their frolics into yaoi land. I’ve only read the first two volumes (as they are grouped as omnibuses) but already it’s been a roller coaster ride of emotion and lack of safe words. There is even an explicit warning on the front of the book so good lord hold on to your pants!

Don't be cruel scan.JPG

Yes, super strange that two males should ever want to spend time together… totally…

Our main point of view is told from Nemugasa’s side as he’s a complete dork. He tries his best at everything but studying is his life, this is because to keep attending this prestigious school he has to always have high grades so it’s understandable. But uh oh… Nemugasa, for some arbitrary reason, messed up his last test so now he’s gotta excel at the next one or its bye bye dreams. Another student named Maya also seems to be in some trouble but he has spiky dyed hair so you know he don’t give no shits xD he just laughs it off saying he’ll get a cheat sheet and thus the most evil of seeds is planted in Nemugasa’s mind. Yes. He cheats on his test!


Well technically he didn’t deceive you, you’re just dumb.

I feel this next part is going to make or break your opinion of this manga, so turns out Maya could smell the stupid coming of Nemugasa and so deliberately sets him up to cheat. He demands that Nemugasa become his booty call for all eternity or else he’ll let the teachers know and Nemugasa will be kicked out and forever tainted by his sins.

First of all this is a fictional world and people so yes technically this is all well and good but still there was something so squicky and gross about reading Maya forcing Nemugasa into this situation. Apart from this first time there were at least two other times where Maya came off as gross, rapey man and I’m guessing it was meant to be erotic in a fantasy way and of course as this is yaoi it turns out that Nemugasa loves Maya allllll along, shocking twist I know. But still it made me uncomfortable, I felt the writing in these areas could have been far better and still made it erotic. The fact that Nemugasa is so passive makes it so much worse but then I guess at least it shows he isn’t that traumatized? We can only hope.


See this is more of a cutesy moment, more of this, less criminal behaviour 😡

After all this Maya reveals he gets extra tutoring from his older cousin Akira, Nemugasa immediately is all about that sweet academic time and so now our protagonists have ample time to spend with each other. But apart from Maya using it as booty time they don’t really bond or get closer as two people. Eventually Akira gets Nemugasa to spill the beans on what their relationship is and it was quite refreshing to see Akira react in a somewhat appropriate manner; shock, horror and unsure of what to do.

That is until Akira becomes so evil and manipulative you’d think he was the protegĂ© of the flippin emperor in Star Wars. He sends a note to Nemugasa’s tutors telling them he cheated, naturally Nemugasa assumes it was Maya who told them and immediately slaps him and tells him where to shove their relationship. If that wasn’t enough Akira takes Nemugasa to a shady place, drugs him and is about to let a woman have her way with him while he is unconscious all in an effort to get him expelled… 0_0


Damn that’s cold Akira.

Our pair make up and have sexy time, meanwhile Akira is still tutoring them! Jeez are these people forgiving or what?! The next volume covers more of Nemugasa’s dumbassery as he seems incapable of understanding that Maya feels they are in an intimate, romantic relationship while he’s there like “duuuuuuh we’re just friends *_*”

Also Akira’s younger brother starts attending their school and as he also carries the evil gene, he plans to steal Nemugasa from Maya. Luckily he plans to do this mostly with kindness so he isn’t too bad so far. Maya goes way off on the jealous train and Nemugasa is still dumb and doesn’t think of Maya’s feelings. So we have the miscommunication clichĂ© and just have to wait till they decide to actually talk to one another. It basically becomes a competition of who can be the biggest asshole. At least it makes Nemugasa realise that they aren’t just friends xD


Ok so they are a cute couple :3

I enjoyed the second volume much more than the first, the horrible rapey vibe was gone and they actually seemed more like a couple with drama then a police incident waiting to happen.

The characters are pretty enjoyable and cute but naturally are completely clichĂ©d yaoi types, but then that’s basically the whole genre so it shouldn’t bother a fan of it too much. If you can get through the first volume without too much hassle I think the series is decent enough and has potential for some sweet moments.




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