My Love Story!! Review

Basically I love everything about this anime. It’s characters, plot and humour is so on point, my only criticism is that it literally slaps you in the face with a love you know can never be real T^T lol! Jeez I mean at least give the rest of us some hope, but no Takeo and Yamato have the perfect love and everything the rest of us will experience is going to be subpar. Thanks anime.


Also you will never get a perfect friend like Suna T^T

So most people will have already heard of this anime, myself included which is both good and bad. For me it either means the anime is a beautiful rare diamond that needs to be seen and cherished or it’s a turd that should have been buried long ago but people keep unearthing it and forcing you to look at it ¬_¬

My Love Story!! Follows the first year of a high schooler named Takeo Gouda, he is basically a beast, dwarfing everyone around him with his size and strength. But like all massive characters he has a heart of gold and is always looking to help others out despite how it may inconvenience him. His size and strength make him very unappealing to all the women around him but he is extremely popular with his male friends especially with his prowess at sports.


He also appreciates ‘manly’ honour

He has a best friend named Suna (Makoto Sunakawa) who has been with him from preschool, they even live right next door to each other. Suna is the complete opposite to Takeo, he is attractive, intelligent and calm making him popular with women and envied by men. He is basically a sage xD But unlike other anime he never uses this, in fact he has turned down every woman who approached him (most of them Takeo’s crushes) because they would talk about Takeo behind his back. Suna is the best of friends.

One day Takeo spots a groper on the train trying to molest a girl named Rinko Yamato, Takeo goes ballistic and takes the man to the police. When the man claims that Yamato was asking for it Takeo punches him right there xD All ends well and Yamato bakes him a cake to say thank you, as she keeps arranging to meet Takeo, he assumes that she has fallen for Suna. Takeo selflessly strives to help Yamato get with Suna despite having feelings for her as he knows all girls he likes falls for Suna instead T^T


We all know who Yamato is hunting for… ^w^

The scene where Takeo deliberately pushes Suna’s greatness onto Yamato when she’s desperately trying to make him understand she likes him was pretty heart wrenching. If you’ve ever had a scenario where you know the person you like is trying to be kind and turn you down in a roundabout way this will stab you right in the heart. Luckily Suna saves the day by having Yamato confess to him with Takeo hiding because they are both too dense without Suna as their carer. So from here on out we have a beautiful couple…

The rest of the series goes through the main points of a romance anime but in an interesting way, we have the; jealousy, unrequited love, long time apart, misunderstanding over boundaries, friends over partners etc. But because Yamato and Takeo are the nicest people ever it is done in a pleasant way. For example even when they get jealous they always think what is best for the other person and talk it out. Of course this only happens when miracle carer Suna steps in but still there was never angry shouting at each other or stupid sacrifices.


Avert your eyes Yamato!

I particularly liked, despite the fact that Yamato is incredibly shy, that she was the one who wanted to push the relationship. She wanted to hold hands and kiss etc. while Takeo was thinking he would never push her into these things. So yeah Yamato was like a tiger after her man xD which in most romance anime that isn’t erotica never happens. Yamato herself is like 100% adorable, occasionally her VA did wear a little bit, it was like having something important explained to you by a care bear at times. But that’s really only a minor complaint, her character is a perfect match for Takeo as they are both selfless and loving.

The recurring minor characters were also exceptional, Takeo’s parents (especially his mum) are hilarious, his mum takes no bullshit and does whatever she needs to, even as she gets pregnant, she’s just like yeah whatever I still need to clean. Suna’s sister also shines as she has an unrequited love for Takeo, she knows being a few years older that it was unlikely to ever happen but it still hurts to see him with someone else. Thankfully she isn’t an asshat and actually really likes Yamato and does her best to continue looking after them as a big sister.


One day I wish to be mamma Gouda

We also have both Yamato’s and Takeo’s friends who have their opinions on the relationship. Well mostly Yamato’s cause we all know girls be judging when your bestie gets a new man xD Yamato goes to an all-girls school as well so it helps to have some man meat access xD One of the more interesting parts happened when one of Takeo’s friends wanted to start a relationship with one of Yamato’s friends.

They both liked each other so there was no problem there but the guy started being an asshole on the day he wanted to ask her out. He pointed out that it was cold out so why didn’t she have her legs covered (when previously he had liked her legs the most, hence why she’d show them off), he told everyone they were just friends and she just had to sit there like what the hell, what happened?! Of course it was to do with awkwardness and self-confidence but I liked it because it was so accurate for a lot of unsure crush situations, even when you know both people like each other, it’s like something snaps in the brain xD


Don’t be alarmed by his massive size and horrendous expression

The best part of this anime is its humour, I mean Takeo himself is just a walking comedy and with Suna being the perfect partner with his serious attitude you can’t help but laugh. This anime is sweetness to its core, it even manages to get some serious issues in such as when Suna’s father collapses and he doesn’t tell anyone so he doesn’t worry them T^T or when Takeo worries about how his mum is with pregnancy and whether the baby will be alright.

But I won’t lie, there is no serious drama or tension (Suna’s father’s issue being the tensest) it’s mostly light-hearted. I liked it for having a different look at romance, it’s mostly told from Takeo’s point of view and it’s rare to see a romance told from a male view without it coming down to perverted jokes. The lack of bitchiness and seeing two people genuinely want to be together without getting wrapped up in their own egos was nice for a change.


Suna is still the best

In the end if you like romance but want a change from the classic formula of:

Girl doesn’t know if guy likes her,

Guy does like her,

They fight over misunderstanding,

Break up,

Realise misunderstanding,

Get back together.

Then you will love this, its humour and well fleshed out likable characters are enough for a recommendation from me. I will point out that there is very minimal ‘physical’ romance they are high schoolers after all ^_^; but the emotion is all there! I wish there was more but I think they realised that it was the perfect place to end it, anymore would have drained the show of what makes it great, sweet love ❤






3 thoughts on “My Love Story!! Review

  1. Karandi says:

    This is an adorable anime, though I had to laugh at your description of Yamato’s voice kind of sounding like a care bear. That’s kind of the perfect way to describe it in some scenes. Suna is definitely the best and I would love another series of this show just to spend more time getting to know Suna and maybe seeing his character progress beyond wanting to support Takeo.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • hinodearekkusu says:

      Haha thanks xD Suna is the most sensible anime character I’ve come across in recent months. I thought there would be an episode dedicated to why he was so introverted, not that there is anything wrong with that, but he does seem to only have an interest in being Takeo’s friend, although he is kind and helpful to others.
      At least they didn’t force a random love interest on him, that would have been awkward.

      Liked by 1 person

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