Chi’s Sweet Home Review

Another cat anime… Can you tell I like cats? A lot of people might already have seen gifs or figures of the title character Chi as the internet loves cats as much as I do. Surprisingly this is actually a very long running series, the manga started way back in 2004 and the anime has 200 episodes. That’s a lot of cat for any one person to deal with xD


Our new lord and master.

So, like most of these cutesy pet related anime, it follows a family and their cat. Originally Chi was a stray but the Yamada’s found her and after fussing whether they should keep her or not they obviously pick the less heart wrenching option. Unlike Poyopoyo the story is mainly told from Chi’s perspective. She is still a kitten so she struggles to understand the new world around her as well as just generally doing all the annoying things cats do that we don’t understand.


Please… Let me sleep.

As the second season starts the Yamada’s find themselves in a difficult position, their apartment doesn’t allow pets so they are forced to keep Chi inside and hidden much to her dismay. Again they toy with the idea of giving her to someone who can look after her better until their collective brain cells remember they could just move to a nicer place. This is where you meet a bunch of new characters, including the biggest troll rabbit (which is factually correct because rabbits are just angrier cats).


Look at the rabbit’s eyes… there is no soul there.

I found the animal characters a lot more interesting than the human characters although Chi can only communicate with the cats verbally. Seeing Chi’s little adventures are endearing and as each episode is only 5 minutes it’s perfect for watching on a lunch break or those you don’t have much time on your hands but jeez I need something to brighten my day moments.


♫ When you’re the best of friends ♫

This is mostly pet humour or family living (with pet) humour so if you have no interest in animals then this won’t interest you in the slightest. I would say if you have young children and are looking to get them into anime with subtitles this is a good one to start with as it’s enjoyable but basic and won’t be too much at once. Also Chi is adorable and deserves a good home dammit! Even if she is super derps…




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