You’re Under Arrest OVA Review

We endured many terrible things that came out of the 90’s like double denim and greasy grunge hair but at least the decade had some awesome anime! In fact this is probably one of the most enjoyable anime I’ve watched for a while (well technically re watched but whatever). You’re Under Arrest actually started as a manga in the 80s but the anime screams 90s right in your face. Do you long for something a little more normal/mature but with the finesse and art style of anime? Well look no further Natsumi and Miyuki have got your back… Unless you speed, then they will run you off the road.


Best girls *o*

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Inu x Boku SS Review

I’m thinking that from the age of 14-17 is the most dangerous time in a Japanese girl’s life. I’ve lost count of the amount of times crazy shit happens to female protagonists at this age (I guess boys don’t fare much better). This week we have Inu x Boku SS which is already a crazy title. I was sceptical after reading a synopsis describing a 15 year old being obsessively stalked by her supposed bodyguard but after watching the show it at least comes across more interesting and less creepy, so win?


Until I’m safely 18

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