Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood Review

Well here we are, at the anime that might have spawned the most memes ever. I’ll admit I had always side eyed Jojo for this reason. Crazy poses, beefy Mcbeef men and really weird people gushing to me about it was enough for me to ignore it for this long. It was only when I was looking at character design for a mafia project that I came across one of the later arcs in the series and I have to admit I was impressed! The designs are pretty and well thought out as well as being unique and different, I mean it’s totally nuts but that’s what I like about it.

So what the hell is it about? The overall story follows one family line, the Joestars, and their literal bizarre adventure. Each arc has its own enemy and weirdness as well as a different protagonist although old ones also make an appearance. But that’s enough of overall JoJo, what about Phantom Blood? Phantom Blood is where it all begins and follows the story of Jonathan Joestar (nicknamed Jojo hurdur) and how his father makes terrible life choices in desperate situations.


Oh hello creepy man totally not trying to rob me while I lie here nearly dying!

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Mermaid Forest OVA Review

I find that there isn’t enough media depicting evil mermaids these days. I mean typically mermaids were very unhelpful and encountering one usually meant death, the few stories that showed them in a positive wish giving kind of way tended to be a tragic romance or end horribly. I have rarely found media that depicts them as both beautiful and deadly, generally preferring if they’re horrible to make them look horrible as well so no hot, sexy and potentially damning feelings occur. But most (especially anime) just depict them as attractive women with fish tails helping our protagonist on the underwater part of their adventure.

Well in storms The Mermaid Forest (an odd title as I imagine most mermaids take residence in the sea) which is actually an OVA for a series called The Mermaid Saga. It was written back in the 80’s by the lovely Rumiko Takahashi whose notable works include Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2 and boy can you feel her style from the very start. Also spoiler warning I will go into the end of the film so if you wanna watch it, do it before reading the rest!


The real question is… How does mermaid hair stay so fabulous?!

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