Jane Eyre Manga Review

Another literary classic retold in manga form, this time we’re eyeing up social class, equality and crazy shit. Jane Eyre, for those of you unaware, is set in ye olde England in the late 1700’s to early 1800’s written by Charlotte Bronte. You may also have heard of her sister Emily Bronte who wrote the other classic story Wuthering Heights, clearly dark broody men were a favourite among sisters. It is a really good book that was quite forward for its time in the themes it wanted to bring to light, much like Austen, it focuses particularly on women of this time and what power or lack of power they had over their own lives as well as religion and wealth.


Jane Eyre the sassiest shy girl.

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Don’t Be Cruel First Impressions

Don’t be cruel aka Everyone get into Nemugasa’s pants is a story mainly about two high school students; Nemugasa and Maya and their frolics into yaoi land. I’ve only read the first two volumes (as they are grouped as omnibuses) but already it’s been a roller coaster ride of emotion and lack of safe words. There is even an explicit warning on the front of the book so good lord hold on to your pants!

Don't be cruel scan.JPG

Yes, super strange that two males should ever want to spend time together… totally…

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The Ancient Magus Bride Manga Review

Ah yes, big news everyone! Not only is this a great manga but it’s about to get an anime. Ooo it’s like a big ol’ anime birthday for me at the moment. Well when I say anime I mean 3 episodes that are supposed to be a prequel? Except looking at the trailer it’s following the first volume soooooo maybe it just means a precursor to a full anime series or I don’t know. Either way it looks awesome.

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Pride and Prejudice Manga Review

Time for a good dose of Britishness! I must admit going into this I wasn’t really expecting much, there have been many dodgy western attempts at manga and even the cover art didn’t really sell it to me… But I do love some classic English Literature and Pride and Prejudice is pretty well covered in terms of book, play and film adaptations (if you find a video game based on it let me know). So why not a manga?! It’s got romance, drama, family and class disputes and generally lovable characters. So here we go, pour yourself a cup of tea and get immersed.


All the Bennet Sisters rendered in beautiful manga form… LOL so sorry Mary

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